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The warmer weather coming in March means the fleas and ticks will be back, (if indeed they ever really left). They are hearty critters and seem to “bloom” earlier every year! We still highly recommend the 4DX test for heartworm and tick-borne diseases (Lyme, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia). There are a lot of those particular diseases showing up on routine screenings and they can cause severe physical problems if not treated right away! The longer pets have the disease, the more difficult it is to clear it from their system. Heartgard Plus, Triheart Plus, and Frontline Plus are still at the top of the list for prevention. However, there are some other products that we have available to further protect your furry friends who spend time outdoors for exercise, hunting and trips to the lake. We carry Scalibur Collars (waterproof and protects for 6 months). We have Advantage flea topical for cats & Revolution topical that also kills ear mites.

There is still not a viable treatment for Heartworm, so we recommend that you keep your pet on preventative all year long!

We still include the offers: buy 12 doses (same size) of Heartgard Plus and send in for a rebate of $12.00!

Frontline Plus is still offering a deal as they did last season. Buy a pack of 6 and get 2 doses FREE. Or buy a pack of 3 and get 1 dose FREE!

OR buy 6 Frontline and 12 Heartgard and get a $50.00 rebate!

If you purchase TriHeart Plus, you have an option to buy 12 doses (of any combination of sizes) and send in for a $5.00 rebate!

FYI- the “Plus” in Heartgard & Triheart means that when your pet is on that product, they will also be protected from getting Roundworms and Hookworms. In Frontline, the “Plus” means that it will kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks and chewing lice.

Ticks are able to survive much of our Minnesota weather, so apply the flea & tick products from March through the early winter.

Always remember to condition your K9 companion before long walks or runs. Just as your body needs to slowly acclimate to exercise, so does your dog’s!!

Standing water is a “no,no” for dogs to drink! It can contain dangerous chemicals from runoff, (antifreeze, road salt). Enjoy the spring flora & fauna and be safe!

Be certain your pets are vaccinated properly. If you are going to Day Care, dog parks, or other places that may present multiple animal exposure, you want your companion protected. Check with our staff for your pet’s recommended vaccinations.

Have a GREAT Spring and think outdoor safety for you and your furry companions!


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